Sunday, October 27, 2013

hi! hola! bonjour! jambo! salut! ciao!

Thanks for stopping by The Wandering Post!

Whether intentional or not, we are constantly roaming, seeking and discovering both online and our physical world. However, you found this space, you are welcome! Have a seat, give your mouse a break from all the scrolling and clicking.


...and be inspired!

A few things about me: 20-something dynamic beam of light projecting out into the world as a vinyasa yoga instructor.| Originally from a big, shiny city in the Midwest and currently living between mountains, rivers and lots of trees in the Pacific Northwest. | Pisces | Widest smile on Earth | Passionate dog lover | In my ideal world, we all trade politics for justice and peace. Religion swapped out for real love | Spiritual warrior | Interested in the human mind and how we relate to each other| Devoted to movement especially through yoga and dance | Future psychotherapist | Hopeless romantic | Enamored with the spoken word, music, African-American 20th century literature, poetry, and all of the arts, really| Major bookworm| I love exploring places on foot.

One day, I'll leave here on my feet. Walking to the next place.

The Wandering Post is composed of things that stoke the fires these and other interests. Here I'll share bits that I encounter along my journey that inspired, changed, and encouraged me along the way. Life is so beautiful but also complex and difficult. I'd love to have conversations about all of it here! Hopefully, friends and family from across the country will find me here, drop a line, or just enjoy the posts.

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