Sunday, October 27, 2013

True Colors

We're constellations. Constantly evolving, ever changing. Our true colors are both the ones we can see and those that are unseen. Instead of trying to define them all or worrying that you can't, simply honor them.

I thought this album was new, but turns out it's a couple years old. Honesty, Perfect Darkness, and of course, Fear is Like Fire.

Standout lyrics:

"Fear is like fire, you can burn your hands with it. Fear is like fire, you can burn your house down with it...You can light it...You can watch it burn...or you can utilize it..You can peel back the layers, one by one, every one will reveal a side of us".

To Everyone: just be yourself and other life advice that's incredibly hard to follow.

Currently reading: All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks. Her work is remarkable and this particular read is engaging and life-affirming for me as a young woman who has known and experienced different forms of love. I identify strongly with hooks because she is idealistic and at times mythical, but her ideas are also ambitious and demand consideration. I look at love with fresh eyes with every turn of a page in this book. Some aspects of her ideas require a collaboration with spirituality that most people miss when it comes to love relationships, not just romance but parental love and friendships, too! Regardless, the book and the provocation of thought about our own visions of love is worth the commitment.

Care of the Soul: Joyfully Adrift - "Maybe as we become more soulful, we drift into reality rather than away from it." Thomas Moore's expert writings on exploring your soulful side.

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